Easter Family Venture Camp

The Easter Family Venture Camp is an activity of the Queensland Synod of the Uniting Church in Australia.

The 49th camp will be held at Glengarry Education Centre at Atkinson Dam.

This camp operates within the south-east corner of Qld usually within a half days drive from Brisbane. This accommodates those who attend from areas north of Brisbane to the Gold Coast and Rosewood / Ipswich areas.

The camp is open to people of all ages – Infants, children, teenagers, singles, married people of all ages and grand parents at whatever level. You can be as energetic as you feel comfortable with. There is some structure to the week-end but everyone is free to participate in whatever suits them.

Most attendees have some connection with the Uniting Church and enjoy camping in some form. This could be from tents, to trailer campers, caravans, motor homes of various sizes plus those who prefer to use the cabins available at the sites we visit. In the past the group went somewhere different each year, however, now that the group has been running for 49 years, we are starting to revisit some of our favourite haunts due to the advanced age of many of the long term participants and the attendance of three generations of some families as well as the unsuitability of many sites.

If you fit the profile and would like to receive information about the next camp, contact us by sending your details via the Contact Us tab.

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